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The worldwide renown of Harley-Davidson motorbikes is not limited to the United States. Myhdfs is a user-friendly web interface for managing user accounts, checking account history and projected future payments.


When you have a Harley-Davidson Visa Card, you may use your phone as a convenient mobile banking option. Auto loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, insurance, retirement and employee protection programmes, and Visa credit cards are all available through the Myhdfs Login portal. Credit Karma is an option if you wish to keep track of your credit rating.

Things To Know About Mobile App

Safe Signup

Simple accessibility is the foundation of efficient time management.

We’ve simplified the process of joining up for mobile banking.
You may access your device either by typing in your credentials or, on some gadgets, by scanning your fingerprint or face.


Know your current financial standing, recent transactions, and available money in a jiffy.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your account from any device.
View both pending and completed transactions, and narrow your search by date range or dollar amount.


Make a quick payment using your mouse.

Facilitate either a one-time or regular payment.
Unpaid bills may be easily managed.


The timing and method of alerts can be adjusted at will.

Account security alarms can be set up in response to specific types of financial activity.
In order to keep track of your account, you may set up reminders for when payments are due.
Get notified of any changes to your personal information made via a secure server.


Whether you’ve misplaced your card or you simply wish to limit its use, we can help. Can’t be helped.

Your credit card can be temporarily locked or unlocked in real time.

Cost to Redeem

Instantaneous access to redeeming points.

Find out where you stand with the prize as far as earning points goes.
Gift certificates for Harley-Davidsons were traded.


If your points balance is sufficient to pay your H-D purchase, you will receive an SMS with the opportunity to redeem your points instantly.

Participate in the here-and-now for immediate benefits by signing up
You may get the Harley-Davidson Visa Mobile app without spending a dime. An access fee may be applied by your mobile service provider based on your specific rate plan. The app can only be used on a device with access to the Internet. For information on exact rates, contact your service provider. Some capabilities on your mobile device may call for further configuration in your online account.